Your beloved apps moving to Windows 8?

Not all emails I receive overnight inspire me to write, but waking to this gem of an email from the folks over at Windows Phone tantalized my inner geek!

Microsoft is ramping up app development for Windows 8 and putting some sweet incentives for serious and newbie developers alike. Right now Microsoft is giving Windows Phone developers a set of personalized app coasters and a $50 gift card toward the developer registration fee when porting Windows Phone 7 apps to Windows 8 PC. Submit your apps to the Marketplace by October 26 (launch date). Get the fine print and details here.

There are many links in the email but one caught my eye, Generation App. The website greets you with bright orange and a “Microsoft modern” display. Among all of the help content and resources for devs, I stumbled upon another offer. Two hours of FREE app consultation with a Windows 8 expert! Details and scheduling can be found here.

What if you’re not a Windows Phone Developer? I also found a 30 day app challenge for Windows 8. You can still receive all the help you need from Windows 8 expert engineers and take advantage of being first to market on October 26, 2012!

What this means for us. Our favorite Windows Phone apps will be moving to Windows 8. Whether we are on our Windows 8 PC (or SurfaceJ ) or Windows Phone enjoying brilliant apps will be no contest.

Source: Windows Phone Team Email


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