Nokia & Microsoft announcement

Since first announcing a joint press conference 21 days ago, I have speculated with friends and colleagues on the mysterious announcement by Nokia and Microsoft. As I mark off the last day on my calendar with a heavy black X, leaks of Nokia Lumia 920s have been flying around the internet and have picked up in the last few days. I am dying for confirmation.

So while Nokia dominated the rumor mill, no one (even me) predicted Verizon would step up as the first carrier rumoring its Windows Phone 8 lineup. Verizon has a way to go in catching up. For nearly two years, Verizon only offered the HTC Trophy. This shift in direction is welcomed news in my opinion.

Who knew Nokia would announce not one, but two phones! Watching the unveiling, it seems like the features are unlimited! Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • Wireless charging
  • Pureview camera
  • Rainbow of colors
  • NFC (Near Field Comminication)

With the three largest wireless carriers now packing a Windows Phone 8 lineup, the OS showdown this fall,  will offer consumers a real choice this fall. We’ll see if Verizon can wean its retail stores off the apple juice and get serious about Windows Phone 8.

Do you think there is any meaning to the announcement going public just 7 days before the rumored fruit update?



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