Instagram-ing with Windows Phone 8

Social media defines our culture today. Society consumes more “media” every year. Currently we are exposed to thousands of images per day, coming at us from advertising, email, and social accounts. The “next” latest social outlet pops up everyday – so like many of you, I sit back and watch what society deems as must have, must do in order for me to stay relevant and on the edge. Many of you know, a fast growing social site that has the momentum to become a permanent fixture in the ether. Think of Facebook without the annoying ads, friend requests or pointless status updates; just pictures based on what and who you care about. InstagramTM started out on iOS, and really took off when it published an app for Android. InstagramTM left Windows Phone 8 users out of the mix until 10% market share (increasing) is attained, leaving us to share the most beautiful pictures taken on a phone with virtually every other outlet.

Enter Instagraph, Windows Phone 8 users rejoice! Developer VentasoftTM, created Instagraph, provides the much anticipated bridge – allowing you to post directly to InstagramTM. Due to API restrictions, you need to have an existing InstagramTM account, and of course its not possible to create from Windows Phone 8. Not to worry there are two options. Option 1, borrow your friends iOS or Android phone and create yourself an account. Option 2, use your BlueStacks equipped Windows PC to run Android apps. If you’re using Windows 8 then you should have a pleasant experience as BlueStacks has been optimized for touch.

  1. Go to and download the software.
  2. Open BlueStacks
  3. Search Instagram and Install (you may have to log in or create an account for the market)

  4. Open Instagram
  5. Click register and follow the steps. (You have the option to link FB if you would like to, I’ll show you how to share to FB later if you don’t want to connect your two accounts)

Now that you’ve commandeered the coveted InstagramTM account you can start posting through Instagraph.
043013_2005_InstagramTM2.jpg 043013_2005_InstagramTM3.jpg 043013_2005_InstagramTM4.jpg

 Currently, to see your picture or pictures from the people you follow you need another app. I use Metrogram because I like the Live Tile, interface, and gestures. Just log in with your InstagramTM account and watch the tutorial. I’m a huge fan of the integrated sharing to other social networks, which allows you to keep your networks separate but share when you want to.

  1. Select the picture you want to share.
  2. Tap the share button in purple.
  3. Select the chat bubbles on the left for social networks.
  4. Choose your social networks built into Windows Phone 8.

043013_2005_InstagramTM5.jpg 043013_2005_InstagramTM6.jpg 043013_2005_InstagramTM7.jpg043013_2005_InstagramTM8.jpg

Let me know in the comments what you think! Follow me lindseyln!


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